Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eisenhower Locks

On Monday, we went to the Eisenhower Locks in Massena, NY. It was neat to see them make the boats go from one level of water to another level. We watched three big boats and two personal boats go through. It was quite interesting. Above is a boat getting ready to enter the locks.

Here's a picture of Felicia at the Locks. She was facinated by the whole process. She kept on asking all kinds of questions the whole time about the process and other things. She really enjoyed this activity.

Here's a picture of a boat leaving the lock. The turbulance behind it is terrific.

Felicia and Hannah standing by a wood boat at the locks.

Mom Major, Josiah and me waiting for Daddy to come donw from watching the boats. Josiah had his pants rolled because he had got into some water and had got them wet and they were falling down on him too when he walked on the bottom of them. Made it easier all the way around. :)

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