Friday, November 21, 2008

He's 31!

Well, today my sweetie turned 31! It seems not too long ago he turned 21! Time sure does fly. We are starting to get OLD. I know, that doesn't seem too old to some of you and you wish you could be that age again but we are headed towards middle age and I don't like that. I want to be late teens early twenties but I guess that is how life goes. Below is a couple of pictures of Daniel's birthday. We have not had cake yet. Actually, it is going to be some Blondie chocolate chip pie. It's what he wanted so what he got! Hope it's good!

Playing a computer game he received for his birthday.

Opening a present.
He wanted to go to Grace Chinese Buffet for his meal so we went. His plate look healthier than mine but mine looks better! Can you guess which is which? No . . . I did not do good on my diet yesterday or today! There is hopefully tomorrow!!!!!!

Internet searching

How often do you search the internet? Well, I found a website that rewards you for searching the internet. Go to and begin earning swagbuck toward gift cards and other prizes. I came across this one another person's blog and think that it is neat! Give it a try!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Diet!

Well, I kind of fell off the bandwagon with this dieting thing for a couple of weeks but think I'm back on. I basically maintained while I was off the bandwagon and now have lost one more pound. I guess that's how it is done, one pound at a time. I just keep on thinking about my goal and that is what helps me! Hopefully next summer I will only be a part of who I am today!!! :) Keep rooting for me!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Happenings!

We are having our annual church Thanksgiving dinner tonight. The church people really like to have favors so it falls my lot as pastor's wife to create these favors. I originally had made the turkey magnets down further on the page. Then, on Sunday, I realized that there were going to be quite a few kids there and possibly more people than favors so, decided to do some favors for the kids. Henceforth, the cookie/candy turkeys below. I think they turned our really cute. They are a little time-consuming but the finished product is worth it! I think everyone will like both of the favors. I am quite sure that some of the adults will want the kids favors too! We will have to see if there is enough!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why do I homeschool my child?

Homeschooling . . .
It can many times not be fun. It takes a lot of work and dedication on behalf of usually the mommy. It is very trying when the child will not cooperate or says it is "boring"! It messes up your day. You no longer can do just what you want, but have to make sure that schooling is completed. Do I like to homeschool? Not really! So, then, you ask, why do you homeschool? I can tell you why . . .

1. There is not a Christian Day School in our area that would tell my daughter the truth. So henceforth, public school is the only option but in public school they teach the following philosophies and I do not want my child indoctrinated with such lies.

2. I don't want my child going to school and being taught that she evolved from a monkey or some other organism. She was a gift from God and was made and created by Him, in His image. I want her to know that! I don't want her thinking that she simply evolved from some lower life form. (Oh is it okay to say lower life form? We would not want to hurt those organisms feelings!)

3. I don't want my child to be told that it is okay for "Heather to have two mommies." The Bibles says that a man and a woman should be joined together not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. I want her to someday grow up to marry a fine man, not another girl! She does not need to be indoctrinated with this.

4. I believe that there is one true God. In public schools, they teach that their is no god or that there are many gods and it really doesn't matter which one you want to follow. It's okay. We all end up in a good place anyway. (Unless if you are Christian - then it's not okay). Well, my Bible doesn't say that anyway will work. The one true way is the only way and I want my daughter to know that!

I'm sure if I thought more, I could come up with more reasons as to why I homeschool my daughter. I feel that these are enough though. If you hear ideas like this daily, it will soon be ingrained in your mind that these things are okay. It's not that I don't want my daughter to see the "real world" I just don't want her at the tender age of 5 being told that these things are okay. So, even though I don't like homeschooling, even though it is a pain, even though I don't get to set my schedule as much . . . here goes another day, training my child educationally and spiritually. I want to see my children in Heaven some day and nothing is too great of price to pay for that!

So all you homeschool moms . . . Keep up the good work! Keep your chin up high and be proud of what you are doing!