Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday!

Just wanted to say a happy belated birthday to my father-in-law. We forgot, almost! Thanks Mom W. for reminding us! Anyway, hope it was special even if you did have to dig a grave. Course, you would have been disappointed if it had been any other way! :) Chow for now!

A Swing Set!!!!!!!!

Our children for the first time in their lives, have an honest to goodness swing set. They have been working hard to get it. We have saved some money from all of their birthdays but we did not have enough! The girls and mommy decided to do a yard sale. Mommy prayed and asked that it would be "fruitful" as we really wanted to do this for the children. We made $100.00 in on day! We added that to the about 50.00 that we had saved and also a Lowes 10.00 card (off from 25.00) Well, needless to say, after we got enough stuff to get the main construction up, we were left with I believe $3.48. Just enough. How good God is. Anyway, we did not get enough yet to build the platform to put the slide down. We are supposed to be having another yard sale tomorrow to help toward that! Felicia must have heard me talking about praying for the first yard sale because one morning she came to me and said "Mommy, can you pray that we get enough money for a slide?" I hope we are able to get the rest of it soon. I don't know how well the second yard sale will go because most of the stuff has been "picked" over but I did find a few new things to add too so, we will see! By the way, we will take any contributions. :) Just joking. I'm sure that before the summer is out, we will somehow find enough money to build the rest of the set! The kids sure have fun on it and I am glad that God cares enough about even the little things . . . even little kid's swing sets!

Our Garden

Here's some pictures of our garden. Above is a "whole" shot of it. Just ignore the white things on the ground. It is recycled shredded paper. The thought being, you use up your shredded paper, you use that as a mulch to keep the weeds down and then, it will decompose and make the soil a better soil. Don't know if it works or not but we are giving it a try. Hay looks much nicer but we don't have a limitless source of hay so we use our junk mail! Good idea huh?

Above are some really nice broccoli plants. They look better in real life than they do in the picture. They are really nice plants.

How about some tomato plants? Some of ours, as shown above, already have tomatoes on them. I can't wait till they turn red!

Here is a cucumber plant all in bloom. There are quite a few blooms on these plants. Hopefully they will turn out good too! I am almost out of pickles!

Finally, our tomatoes from the greenhouse are beginning to come along. I thought they were going to be a total loss but, they are coming along nicely. We should get something from them!
I will probably post more pictures as the summer goes along. Sure am looking forward to the produce from the garden especially after the hard work. Our corn is still not up. You know, it's supposed to be knee high by the fourth of July? Well, ours will be lucky if it is even up. We have planted it 3 times now. We think that something is getting into it . . . squirrels maybe? Anyway, this is our last attempt. We have put a netting over it so hopefully, it will work this time! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fishing for Food!

We went fishing tonight. It was kind of one of those spur of the moment decisions but it was a good one. We thought we might have to supplement our food supply with the price of gas and all! :)

We caught some "pan" fish (I think about 8) but the real trophies of the night were two that Daniel caught. He caught a bass (about 16 1/4 inches long) and a bullhead. I think that he was real proud of them and he should be. I was kind of jealous! Anyway, told him I had to take pictures of him with them. The one above is a picture of the two he caught. The picture below is him holding the bass. Very nice fish. Some of the biggest he's probably caught! Made the night worth the while.

We went fishing tonight. It was kind of one of the spur of the moment decisions but was a good one. We decided we might need to supplement our food supply with the price of gas and everything! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our 8th Anniversary!

Today my husband and me celebrate our 8th anniversary. I am so thankful that God brought Daniel into my life. He is such a blessing to me. I hope that the Lord will give us many many more years together. I want to grow "grey" with him! Today he has been working in the garden. I helped him some but then came inside. We plan on taking our children to Bro. & Sr. Hocks for them to babysit and then we are going out for a few hours tonight. I would like to go to the Cracker Barrel but we will see! Whatever we do, it will just be nice to spend some time together by ourselves! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sheri's Anniversary

Today is my sister Sheri's first anniversary. Happy anniversary you two. Maybe you'll have another baby at your second anniversary! You just never know! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Whole Clan!

Thirty-three is the official number to date of the "Major" clan. Of course, this includes all of the in-laws, out-laws you know, everyone, married and all the results of the marriages. Here is a rare group photo. It's not very often that everyone who has descended from my grandparents is able to get together so when we do, we try to get a picture. Pretty soon it's outdated though because another child be it grand or great, arrives on the scene.

A Day Spent at the "Greats"

Below are a couple pictures of my kids at my grandparents 50th party. I somehow managed to not get a picture of Hannah. I do know that some others did though so hopefully will get a picture of her that way.

Josiah eating ice. He kept on going over to where they had the sodas and waters in a bucket full of ice and kept on "stealing" the ice. He loves ice. If I am getting some out of the freezer and happen to drop one, he's right there and has it.

Here's a picture of Felicia toting around a balloon. I think she on mistake let this one go shortly after this picture was taken.

This is Felicia and one of her cousins. Actually, it's Tanya's dad's first cousin - not sure exactly how that puts Felicia and Al but she has really taken a liking to him and when she saw that he had arrived, ran over and gave him a big hug. He loving calls her Gertrude or Gertie! :) That gets her going!

Here's a picture of my dad and his parents at the celebration. It was a nice day.

My Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Warren & Dorthy Major's 50th Wedding Celebration

Today was my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. A party was held for them. It was very nice.

Here's a view of the tent and some of the guests.

The cake.

Cutting the cake!

Happily Married for 50 Years!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today the kids played outside quite a bit. They really like the swimming pool that we got for them, though Felicia informed me she did not want to spend any of HER money on it. I did not even ask her to but she was not going to part with anything for it.

Josiah was outside today too. He enjoyed relaxing in a swing while Daniel work on our rabbits cage. He almost fell asleep but when he saw me bring out the food for lunch, he quickly let me know he wanted to eat!

We did eat outside today. We had hamburgers, potatoes and broccoli. It was all very yummy. Since the girls had been in the pool, I decided to eat outside. Then, we didn't have to worry abou them tracking in and changing their clothes. We just let the clothes dry on them.

Here's another picture of our "picnic". We really enjoy eating outside. It's fun and lots of times cooler!

Our garden

Here is Daniel hard at work in our garden. He was taking up some weeds. It is doing okay but I wished it were doing better. He had started some plants in the greenhouse this year. Some seemed to take, others don't seem to be coming around so I think we are going to go and buy some today to replace the ones that are not going to cut it! I have really enjoyed working in the garden this year. We will probably post more pictures of it as it gets going.

Our Early Anniversary Gift

We found a good deal on the above fire pit so decided to get that for our anniversary. It is really nice. We used it on my birthday. It's not the same where you can get a "big roarin' fire" or anything but it gives a little fire! The fire pit was a display model so we got 10 percent off! Daniel said that is crazy. Normally you have to pay if you want something assembled. We got 10 percent discount! Cool hun?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Year Older and Home!

Sorry I have not posted anything the last few days of our vacation. It got to the point where I couldn't post any pictures so, I didn't. I am going to ask my mother-in-law to send me the last couple I really wanted to post and will hopefully get them up. Anyway, we are home! It's nice to go on vacation but it's nice to go home! We celebrated my birthday yesterday. We did some shopping (since Daniel didn't get anything yet because of being at his parents house all last week). We also went and played a round of miniature golf. It was okay but try to take a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old golfing. Felicia got it and had fun but the other two were going all over the place, climbing on the green when we were trying to "putt" our balls you know, making life all around fun! Next time I don't think I am going to pay for Hannah to play because it only gave us another ball and club to try to look after. I think she played two or three holes and on those ones, she thought that after you hit the ball, you should go pick it up! She was trying to pick up everyones balls. It was a blast, can't you tell? I asked Daniel, "wern't we supposed to leave the kids at home?" No, it was fun even if they didn't get it. Anyway, we then got some ice cream there too. We came home and had a fire in a fire pit that we found a good deal on so bought as an early anniversary gift. Hopefully we make it one more week so it wasn't bought in vain. :) No, just joking. As long as we don't die or something crazy like that, we fully anticipate celebrating our 8th anniversary a week from today! Anyway, the girls went swimming in a pool we got for them and then we had cake and went to bed. It was a full and HOT day (almost 100 degrees). Alas, I am one year older. Don't know about wiser but another year older!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Preparing for Wednesday Evening Service!

Grand Gorge is currently without a pastor so, what is the automatic thing for them to do when a pastor comes there on vacation? They asked him to speak on Wednesday. Well, Daniel had had Dad Major speak at our church when they were down on vacation and he must have learned well from Dad's preparation. This is what dad did (except he sat up). Daniel must have thought it worked quite well because as you can see, he is meditating quite well. Thanks dad for the inspiration! I think it is only fair he gives you a Wednesday off too! You'll have to ask him!

Time for Tea!

Grandma had been telling the girls most of the week that they could have a tea party some day this week. Well, yesterday it was kind of rainy out so we figured that would be the best day to have it. Josiah was invited too! In the picture above, Felicia is pouring herself a glass of punch. We also had cheese curls and swiss cake rolls cut up to look like fancy little things. The girls had a good time and Josiah . . . . where there is food, it is always a good time.

Hannah at the tea party. Just ignore the look! She always thinks she has to close her eyes if she is getting a picture taken!

Josiah taking a drink of the punch. He liked the swiss cake rolls the best. He kept on saying "uh, uh" and reaching for them. He wouldn't be quite until we would give him one!

A picture of the girls waiting for grandma to finish getting the tea party ready. They didn't want tea though, they opted for the punch! Guess it works. They only thing we were missing was fancy dresses, hats and gloves!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Little Man Taking a Break

Here's Josiah taking a vacation. This is a typical sight of him, thumb in his mouth, blanket in his hand, you know, Linus style! Anyway, he had been walking around with the hat on but had laid down for a nap. I wanted to catch a picture of him with the hat on but couldn't, he was too fast. Maybe some other time.

A Night Out for the "Ladies"

Last night my Mother-in-law, Felicia and I went to a women's meeting. Felicia thought she had to go because she is a "lady". Hannah had been sleeping, woke up and was grumpy and hadn't had her supper yet so she did not get to go. Josiah stayed and went to the barn too. Anyway, at these women's meetings, they do a craft. My mother-in-law said that if they take guests, they pay for their crafts so she said she would pay for mine. After we got there though, Felicia wanted to do one too so my mother-in-law said she would pay for Felicia to do one too. Felicia really enjoyed making her candle with flowers on top. The picture above is the one she did. I think she did pretty good for being a four year old. Mine is below but in every picture that I took, it whited out. Guess you aren't supposed to really be able to see it. Mine has pink and white flowers on it. Thought they turned out kind of nice. Felicia says she is going to put hers in her bedroom when we get home. She's all excited about that! Don't know if that's a good idea or not! Might get broke. Oh well, she enjoyed herself and that is what counts!

My Sister's Anniversary

Today is my sister Tina's anniversary. Just wanted to say hope it's a wonderful day! Hope you can put up with that husband for many more years. :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More fun outside!

Hannah trying out the car at Grandma and Poppas!

Felicia and Hannah getting pushes on the swing by grandma!

They had a really good time! It's good for the girls to be outside but I don't always like to be outside. So, grandma did a good job with them. I went out with them this afternoon too. I sat on the swing that Felicia is on in the picture above. Hannah pushed me for a little while and then Felicia came up behind me and pushed me too without me realizing. No, I didn't go off. Rats hun? Well, am going to go for now. Have a great day.

Some outdoor play

Grandma & Hannah blowing bubbles. Felicia trying out the slide mom bought
on ebay. We are going to take it home with us and hopefully get Daddy to build
a wooden swing set for the kids.

Felicia trying out slide again! Felicia in a toy car of grandmas!

Hope to post the rest of the pictures soon.

Slow but going to give it a try!

Well everyone, I have been able to get online some though it is somewhat slow. Anyway, I am going to attempt to post some pictures of our time. Today the girls went outside and played with grandma. Josiah was sleeping so he is not in any of the pictures. Mommy took a little bit of a nap earlier. Isn't that what vacation is all about? That's what I thought! Daniel and his dad and Matt went to pour a couple of bases for headstones today. They just got home. Oh well, hopefully it won't take too long to post the pictures. If it does. I will be posting after I get home - That might just be the case!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vacation Time!

Hello all. We are going on vacation starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, where we are going, all they have is VERY SLOW dial-up. I will not be posting this next week. We are actually going to Daniel's mom and dads. Hope we have fun. Anyway, I will try to post some pictures after we get back. Will be celebrating my birthday the day we come home. What a birthday . . . traveling. Oh well, could be worse! Hope you all have a great week and write more later!
Until next time!