Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our 8th Anniversary!

Today my husband and me celebrate our 8th anniversary. I am so thankful that God brought Daniel into my life. He is such a blessing to me. I hope that the Lord will give us many many more years together. I want to grow "grey" with him! Today he has been working in the garden. I helped him some but then came inside. We plan on taking our children to Bro. & Sr. Hocks for them to babysit and then we are going out for a few hours tonight. I would like to go to the Cracker Barrel but we will see! Whatever we do, it will just be nice to spend some time together by ourselves! :)


Larry & Sharon said...

Happy anniversary. Hope that you had an enjoyable time out.

Tricia said...

Happy anniversary. Hope you had a nice day.