Friday, June 27, 2008

A Swing Set!!!!!!!!

Our children for the first time in their lives, have an honest to goodness swing set. They have been working hard to get it. We have saved some money from all of their birthdays but we did not have enough! The girls and mommy decided to do a yard sale. Mommy prayed and asked that it would be "fruitful" as we really wanted to do this for the children. We made $100.00 in on day! We added that to the about 50.00 that we had saved and also a Lowes 10.00 card (off from 25.00) Well, needless to say, after we got enough stuff to get the main construction up, we were left with I believe $3.48. Just enough. How good God is. Anyway, we did not get enough yet to build the platform to put the slide down. We are supposed to be having another yard sale tomorrow to help toward that! Felicia must have heard me talking about praying for the first yard sale because one morning she came to me and said "Mommy, can you pray that we get enough money for a slide?" I hope we are able to get the rest of it soon. I don't know how well the second yard sale will go because most of the stuff has been "picked" over but I did find a few new things to add too so, we will see! By the way, we will take any contributions. :) Just joking. I'm sure that before the summer is out, we will somehow find enough money to build the rest of the set! The kids sure have fun on it and I am glad that God cares enough about even the little things . . . even little kid's swing sets!

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