Thursday, June 5, 2008

Preparing for Wednesday Evening Service!

Grand Gorge is currently without a pastor so, what is the automatic thing for them to do when a pastor comes there on vacation? They asked him to speak on Wednesday. Well, Daniel had had Dad Major speak at our church when they were down on vacation and he must have learned well from Dad's preparation. This is what dad did (except he sat up). Daniel must have thought it worked quite well because as you can see, he is meditating quite well. Thanks dad for the inspiration! I think it is only fair he gives you a Wednesday off too! You'll have to ask him!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't pass this up. Don't knock his meditation. It works. He looks like he is getting inspiration for at least 2 prayer meetings. I'm sure it was the best prayer meeting talk they've had in years. Hope the congregation didn't look like that when he was giving his talk though. That wouldn't be very inspiring. Dad M. Keep up the good work.

The greats said...

The preacher looks good.
Just wanted to wish his wife,
Tanya a very Happy Birthday.
We love you all.

Anonymous said...

Are you sleeping too? You haven't posted lately :) Mom