Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Garden

Here's some pictures of our garden. Above is a "whole" shot of it. Just ignore the white things on the ground. It is recycled shredded paper. The thought being, you use up your shredded paper, you use that as a mulch to keep the weeds down and then, it will decompose and make the soil a better soil. Don't know if it works or not but we are giving it a try. Hay looks much nicer but we don't have a limitless source of hay so we use our junk mail! Good idea huh?

Above are some really nice broccoli plants. They look better in real life than they do in the picture. They are really nice plants.

How about some tomato plants? Some of ours, as shown above, already have tomatoes on them. I can't wait till they turn red!

Here is a cucumber plant all in bloom. There are quite a few blooms on these plants. Hopefully they will turn out good too! I am almost out of pickles!

Finally, our tomatoes from the greenhouse are beginning to come along. I thought they were going to be a total loss but, they are coming along nicely. We should get something from them!
I will probably post more pictures as the summer goes along. Sure am looking forward to the produce from the garden especially after the hard work. Our corn is still not up. You know, it's supposed to be knee high by the fourth of July? Well, ours will be lucky if it is even up. We have planted it 3 times now. We think that something is getting into it . . . squirrels maybe? Anyway, this is our last attempt. We have put a netting over it so hopefully, it will work this time! :)

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