Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Day Spent at the "Greats"

Below are a couple pictures of my kids at my grandparents 50th party. I somehow managed to not get a picture of Hannah. I do know that some others did though so hopefully will get a picture of her that way.

Josiah eating ice. He kept on going over to where they had the sodas and waters in a bucket full of ice and kept on "stealing" the ice. He loves ice. If I am getting some out of the freezer and happen to drop one, he's right there and has it.

Here's a picture of Felicia toting around a balloon. I think she on mistake let this one go shortly after this picture was taken.

This is Felicia and one of her cousins. Actually, it's Tanya's dad's first cousin - not sure exactly how that puts Felicia and Al but she has really taken a liking to him and when she saw that he had arrived, ran over and gave him a big hug. He loving calls her Gertrude or Gertie! :) That gets her going!

Here's a picture of my dad and his parents at the celebration. It was a nice day.

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Larry & Sharon said...

What a fun but exhausting day. I think that Tricia has pictures of Hannah. love, mom