Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Year Older and Home!

Sorry I have not posted anything the last few days of our vacation. It got to the point where I couldn't post any pictures so, I didn't. I am going to ask my mother-in-law to send me the last couple I really wanted to post and will hopefully get them up. Anyway, we are home! It's nice to go on vacation but it's nice to go home! We celebrated my birthday yesterday. We did some shopping (since Daniel didn't get anything yet because of being at his parents house all last week). We also went and played a round of miniature golf. It was okay but try to take a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old golfing. Felicia got it and had fun but the other two were going all over the place, climbing on the green when we were trying to "putt" our balls you know, making life all around fun! Next time I don't think I am going to pay for Hannah to play because it only gave us another ball and club to try to look after. I think she played two or three holes and on those ones, she thought that after you hit the ball, you should go pick it up! She was trying to pick up everyones balls. It was a blast, can't you tell? I asked Daniel, "wern't we supposed to leave the kids at home?" No, it was fun even if they didn't get it. Anyway, we then got some ice cream there too. We came home and had a fire in a fire pit that we found a good deal on so bought as an early anniversary gift. Hopefully we make it one more week so it wasn't bought in vain. :) No, just joking. As long as we don't die or something crazy like that, we fully anticipate celebrating our 8th anniversary a week from today! Anyway, the girls went swimming in a pool we got for them and then we had cake and went to bed. It was a full and HOT day (almost 100 degrees). Alas, I am one year older. Don't know about wiser but another year older!


Sheri Brewer said...

Sounds like you had a nice birthday.

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday. Hope it was good.

Anonymous said...

I remember those days of taking kids miniature golfing. Trust me they grow up fast and sometimes you wish they could be around. (Just not when you are golfing!)
Glad you had a nice day.