Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Night Out for the "Ladies"

Last night my Mother-in-law, Felicia and I went to a women's meeting. Felicia thought she had to go because she is a "lady". Hannah had been sleeping, woke up and was grumpy and hadn't had her supper yet so she did not get to go. Josiah stayed and went to the barn too. Anyway, at these women's meetings, they do a craft. My mother-in-law said that if they take guests, they pay for their crafts so she said she would pay for mine. After we got there though, Felicia wanted to do one too so my mother-in-law said she would pay for Felicia to do one too. Felicia really enjoyed making her candle with flowers on top. The picture above is the one she did. I think she did pretty good for being a four year old. Mine is below but in every picture that I took, it whited out. Guess you aren't supposed to really be able to see it. Mine has pink and white flowers on it. Thought they turned out kind of nice. Felicia says she is going to put hers in her bedroom when we get home. She's all excited about that! Don't know if that's a good idea or not! Might get broke. Oh well, she enjoyed herself and that is what counts!


Anonymous said...

What a nice craft! You both did a good job.

Sheri Brewer said...

They look very nice. I think that Felicia did a great job for a four year old.