Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Happenings!

We are having our annual church Thanksgiving dinner tonight. The church people really like to have favors so it falls my lot as pastor's wife to create these favors. I originally had made the turkey magnets down further on the page. Then, on Sunday, I realized that there were going to be quite a few kids there and possibly more people than favors so, decided to do some favors for the kids. Henceforth, the cookie/candy turkeys below. I think they turned our really cute. They are a little time-consuming but the finished product is worth it! I think everyone will like both of the favors. I am quite sure that some of the adults will want the kids favors too! We will have to see if there is enough!


Tricia said...

Both of the favors turned out very cute! Your talent shows once again!

Larry/Sharon said...

Very nice. I wish that I was so talented. You sure don't get your talents from me! Mom

lauraliz said...

Those are VERY cute. I would have never thought of something like that.

David and Rachel said...

Very cute!