Saturday, September 27, 2008

Field Trip Day!

On Friday, we went on a field trip with some other home-schoolers. We went to the Ross Park Zoo. It was a nice time. I plan on taking more trips with this group in the future.
Here is Felicia at the zoo, balancing on a beam.

Here all 3 kids piled in the wagon but not for long. Felicia was sitting on Josiah and he wasn't too fond of that.

Here's Felicia walking along to see more animals. We had just saw wolves and reindeer.

Here is Felicia with some other children, watching the bear.

The lady who "heads" the group had printed off a list of different of the animals that were at the zoo and the children then would cross off each animal as they saw it. Felicia enjoyed this part, making sure she got every animal.


Jim & Lolly Brewer said...

Some of the kids from our church went to the local zoo last week. Valerie got pictures, but I haven't gotten them posted yet. Zoos are fascinating at any age. Lolly

Larry & Sharon said...

What a nice field trip. I wish that we had a group up here like that. mom