Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two Swag Buck Codes!

Just found out on couponing101.com that if you go to swagbucks and type in the codes (separately) free swag and also buck01 that you will get 2 free swagbucks! You can find the place to put this code at the bottom of the Your Swag Bucks page. Keep on earning those bucks! I have a $5.00 Amazon gift card coming and have enough to get a $5.00 Subway card! It's worth it. Just do your searching here and win points!!!


Marilyn's Money said...

I can't get bucko1 to work!Any ideas?

oneybunchofoats and other fine things said...

Try to use a zero instead of an o. It worked for me but I have also heard that sometimes these codes expire quickly? Give that a try!