Thursday, October 16, 2008

Political Patheticness!

Is anyone else really tired of this political race and wish it would end? I am so tired of the LIBERAL media already predicting Obama as a winner (or at least as I see it.) We have an awesome God that can do anything and I am praying that God will not let an evil individual get into office. If so, our country will be in dire straights and we will probably not be a "Christian" nation anymore. We so need to vote and we need to vote for the one with the most values - McCain. Even though we may not see eye to eye on everything, we MUST vote for him or we will reap the consequences maybe even persecution of the "change." Pray, fast and then on November 4th vote! The contest isn't over yet. Don't let the media convince you of such!


Sheri Brewer said...

I agree that we need to spend much time in prayer over this election. I plan to go out and vote for McCain on November 4.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. mom

Jim & Lolly Brewer said...

8 years ago when the decision was that of Bush or Gore there was a call to fast and pray the Sunday before the election. I firmly believe that is why (prayer) Pres. Bush is in the White House now. Lolly