Friday, December 19, 2008

CVS & Coupon Addict!

Okay, this is not good . . . or maybe it is?!?!? Anyway, I have become a coupon addict and a CVS'er! But, I have found you can get some really good deals if you do this! Below is my order from CVS that I bought today. With coupons and everything, my total came to 11.04. Now, that may not seem like a BIG deal to you but, I also received 6.00 in extra care buck to use on my next purchase which I will be doing! That brings the order down to 5.04. That's barely 1.00 per item!!!! I think I got some fabulous deals. I have been needing a new toothbrush because my children got into mine and I hate using it after them even though I have. Shampoo is always a good thing. I use the clean & clear on my face and so that was not wasted and toothpaste is also a necessity! I also think that I did pretty good at Tops as well. Everything below came to 23.46 after coupons and everything. Before savings, my total was 58.90!!!!! Again, these are items I will use. I buy most of this stuff for the Christmas/New Year holidays anyway so I saved myself some money in the long run! The only things that maybe I did not need was the Glade plug ins )but they were only about 2-3.00 for the two and the mandarin oranges were .45 but I will use them! Other than that, all stuff I plan on using anyway! So, I'm grinning like an idiot and at least I think that I got some good buys. If I didn't please don't pop my bubble and let me know!!!!!


Sheri Brewer said...

Where do you get all of your coupons from? I want to learn how to use all of the coupons but I am not sure where to get them from.

Jim & Lolly Brewer said...

Good for you. It takes time to work out bargains. Keep at it. I like a good deal, too! Lolly